Shelter: The City of Forgetting


Shelter: The City of Forgetting | 2002 | 13’38

An old lady, an inter-racial couple, two out-of-date gangsters, and a bus shelter that shields them all in its shade. This is a story about the little deaths that go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of urban life. Like a falling leave doing its last graceful dance before it touches the ground.

Adapted from the short story by the late Gopal Baratham

Executive Producer Kelvin Tong

Producer Agnes Ng
Director Tan Bee Thiam
Director of Photography Hoong Sze Wei
Camera Operator Toh Eu Jin
Adapted screenplay Tan Bee Thiam
Art Director Pan Lexin
Props Mistress Lee Pei Yee
Wardrobe Mistress Ho Bin Jin
Editor Pan Lexin
Continuity Supervisors Lee Pei Yee
Ho Bin Jin
Storyboard Artist Robert Tan
Sound Designer Ng Tzer Huei
Casting Delvin Lee
Lee Pei Yee

Old Lady Shen Ye
Amrit Rajeshwari Asokaraj
Leong Ng Tzer Huei
Old Gangster Lim Chian Sing
Young Gangster Jace Lee
Narrator Associate Professor Ban Kah Choon